Introduction of HawaiiFoody

About us


Do not worry about finding popular restaurants, getting a discount, making a reservation and ordering food in English with Hawaii Foody.

Hawaii Foody executives have a same concern as a consumer and traveler. With better information, service and convenience, Hawaii Foody came with local direct website where can help to make a reservation and give a lot of information about restaurants and discount benefits to find and book the perfect place.

Our story

Hawaii Foody will arrange to launch new restaurant sections in United States, Canada and Cancun and present all details of restaurants not only in Hawaii but also in diverse countries and cities. We will select necessary information for perfect travel and reasonable price and we will move forward to a communicating website for consumers to interact with each other. In addition, we will provide magazine sections where can share our experience to introduce more realistic reviews.

Hawaii Foody provide you with :
#1. Over 140 menus available for pre-purchase and reservation in Korea.
#2. Easy ordering with vouchers that you received after reservation and purchase.
#3. Free Hawaii’s restaurants coupons.
#4. Discount Hawaii option tour (Participating site)
#5. Information about over 200 restaurants in Hawaii.