Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hawaii Foody points?

Hawaiifoody points can be earned and used through purchase and events on Hawaiifoody webpage.
Hawaiifoody points can be used for purchase of set menu, cruise, dinner show. Once you get over 200 points (200points = $1 value), you can use them not only for purchase of any items immediately but also forever without expiration date basically. However, there are sometimes expiration period depends on point issue regulations on each event.
Earning points You can use points from over 200 points.
Division Earned points Used points Expiration date
New member point 200 point - Never expires
Recommender point (In case when a new member recommended on sign up page) 20 Point - Never expires
Comment point (Too simple comments are not included such as lol, haha) 2 point - Never expires
Like point 0.2 point - Never expires
Purchase point - 1 point per $1 Never expires

* Earned points has to be used on Hawaiifoody and can not be used for encashment, sale or transfer.

* Your ID can be forfeit in case of unnecessary comments or likes and abuse of recommender ID for a purpose to get more points.

* Earned points will be deleted automatically in case of a forfeit of your ID or delete your account permanently.

How can you get recommender ID point?

Please recommend Hawaiifoody to your acquaintance!
If the one you recommended wrote down your ID as a recommender when she or he join Hawaiifoody, you will get 20 points.

- Registration of recommender ID can be only applied on ID who did not use Hawaiifoody before. Also, it can be registered after sign up.
- You can check your earned points on MYPAGE – Point History.
- Providing points can be rejected or ceased without advanced notice by management executive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent asked questions and Answers.

To change your personal information, Login – My page – Profile - Change your personal Info – Click “Update” on the bottom. You will not be able to change your address and password once you make a purchase on Hawaii Foody website. For more details, please contact our customer service center.

Click “Forgot your password?” on sign in page to recover your account

If you want to delete your account, click “Delete account” button on the right side at “MYPAGE” or leave your name / ID / reason why you want to delete on “Contact us” page, and we will process your request as soon as possible.
Your earned points, coupons, membership benefits, and personal information will all be permanently deleted.

No, you can still purchase even if you are not a member.
If you sign up, you can enjoy various kinds of events, points, discounted coupons and member discount.

No, Hawaii Foody points cannot be redeemed for cash and transferred to other Hawaii Foody members.

Once you delete your account, everything including all your personal information, points, coupons, membership discount will be permanently deleted.

Yes, you can come into our office and purchase Hawaii Foody dining card. Make sure to give us a call before visiting. We accept cash or credit card. 

We do not deliver in Hawaii. Please come to our office and pick up the card.

Not all restaurants in Hawaii accept reservations.
If you want to make a reservation, please call the restaurant or use Opentable system on Hawaiifoody webpage to make a reservation.

Hawaii Foody Card design changes every year to verify the year the card is valid for. Our current Hawaii Foody Card can be used until 12/31/2019.

Hawaii Foody offers various kinds of benefits through partnership with mostly restaurants and retails.
As a Hawaii Foody cardholder, you can enjoy many benefits, including promotion and discount, at restaurants listed on our Benefit Coupons page by presenting Hawaii Foody card. You can also purchase set menus, cruise tours and dinner shows at discounted price if you have Hawaii Foody Card.
With online stores, you will receive discount once you put down your Hawaii Foody card verification code.

There are 2 ways to use your card.

1. When you dine at Hawaii Foody participating restaurants, you can enjoy various promotions upon presenting your card to the employees. If the promotion is free appetizer with an entrée order, make sure to show your card first when you order. If the promotion is a discount, present your card when you pay. Always check with restaurants first before visiting if promotions will be valid for the day. Due to high demand, some restaurants might not be able to give promotions on certain days.

Scan the QR code on back of your card to be directed to our Benefits Coupons page.

Benefit Coupons

2. If you are a Hawaii Foody card holder, you can purchase set menus at a lower discounted price.
When you enroll your dining card number on your account and log in, you can purchase set menus with special dining card discount, in addition to regular discount.

Set Menu

When you purchase a set menu, our team will send you a voucher once we check the payment has been received. Our set menus include tip and tax, so all you need to do is provide a voucher when you dine in. With tip and tax included, Hawaii Foody set menus are priced at lower cost.
Some restaurants will require reservations, so make sure to check with the restaurant or use Opentable reservation system on our website.

The difference between Hawaii Foody dining card discount and regular discount:
One of the benefits of owning a Hawaii Foody Dining Card is you can purchase set menus even at lower price on select set menus.

“Hawaii Foody Card Discount” is a
 special discount price only for registered Hawaii Foody dining card holders.
Regular discounts apply to nonmembers who do not own Hawaii Foody Dining Card. Regular discount is still lower than retail price of the set menu plus tip and tax.

When you purchase set menus as a dining card holder upon registration, you will receive special discount price on select set menus.